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Colleen Jones is the Founder and Creative Director of Eloah Apparel. Her designs come from her soul and the love for creating and inspiring people. Her life mission is to be a dedicated mother and wife and an advocate for people who are impacted by the opioid crisis.

Yoga & Athleisure Collections

She needed a hero, so thats what she became

Inhale courage, exhale fear

We Got this

"The All is mind; The Universe is Mental." The Kybalion

Earth Element (Prithvi)

"Stabalize your Earth"

Correlating mood: calm, grounded, safe, reliable

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Water Element (Jal)

"Balance with water"

Correlating mood: flexibility, fun, creativity

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Fire Element (Agni)

"Ignite your Fire"

Correlating mood: confidence, discipline, motivation

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