Inspired by: The Grind 

 Designed to: acknowledge people who mentor  


Community can be found in different places. It can be in friends, those you call family, or the individuals who inspire and encourage your daily grind. The availability of mentors that can offer support and perspective is one thing that all communities share; everyone has access to a pool of communal knowledge, and mentors can direct us to the resources that would serve us best. A good mentor can be vital to one’s success, and when each person succeeds, the community as a whole is empowered.

 This design was inspired by the community of mentors found through the EforAll business entrepreneurship program. When the designer asked what brings each mentor the most joy with their business and careers, mentor Allison Jolly spoke about her ambition to work in the community, her appreciation for owning a family business, and the daily grind that bonds them together.

 The stories and insight from the community of mentors guided the designer through her creative grind. This design reminds us that we are stronger with both the support of a trusted mentor and community to help us achieve our dreams. 

Dedicated to the mentorship of Alison Jolly!! Thanks Girl!! 

Colleen Jones 



Dedicated to the mentorship of Alison Jolly! Thanks Girl!!!



Written by: Hillary Brown


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