John Doe #302

John Doe #302


                                                       John Doe


Inspired by Internal Despair, loss of self

Designed to encourage those to keep pushing through moments of self-doubt

Dedicated to Nicole for sharing in the moment!! 


Internal despair, a feeling of mysticism, and the unidentified souls is what inspired this design.  The designer was struggling with issues surrounding identity and purpose which were brought to light through the events that took place at the Tewksbury State Hospital gravesites.

Brought by close friend Nicole, the designer walked the graves of 10,000 John Does located at the Tewksbury State Hospital in Massachusetts. These John Does are marked by circle crosses and assigned numbers dated as far back as 1852. 

As the two began their walk the designer felt Nichole’s positive energy bringing a wondrous and childlike element to the exploration. The warm sun highlighted the grounds creating an enchanting and mystical connection between the friends and the lost souls.   As the designer began to note her own internal struggle with identity she became further drawn to the location. The positivity and gratitude made her eager to further define her purpose; she knew she could find her answers by returning as soon as possible.

However, she was surprised to find that her solo journey would differ so greatly from her initial encounter.  The day felt somber, lonely, and weighted. The numbered graves of the forgotten somehow shifted from mystical and enchanting to unresolved, and daunting.  It brought light to the fragile state of our identities; how quickly a name can change to a number. With this realization the designer felt called to contribute.

 One numbered grave in particular stayed with the designer throughout the entire process of exploration and design, #302. In numerology #302 stands for companionship, creativity and infinite potential.  It is the designer's intention to honor and recognize those that have passed on without ever knowing their truest self and encourage those to keep pushing through moments of self-doubt. The companionship of the first walkthrough brought that positive energy to the experience - as it does with most things in life. It is the designer's intention to share that the path we walk alone may feel more somber, but it is within stillness and discomfort that we find ways to understand and love oneself.

 Written by:  Becky Razzino


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