The Eye-Catcher

The Eye-Catcher


                                             The Eye-Catcher

Inspired by an urge to create.

Designed to command your attention.

Dedicated to a sense of purpose, collaboration, and growth.

 Inspiration comes in many ways and forms. Sometimes, it takes the shape of dreams, of music, of books. Other times, it takes stepping out into the world to see, to feel, and to hear the sounds around us. This design was a result of seeing color that captivated the designer and filled her with an urge to create something to the same effect. I mean, have you ever seen something, and your first reaction was Wow! exactly! The bold patterns command attention and like spring, the fresh colors give a sense of purpose and growth.

Speaking of growth, the designer asked her son to add his mark on the design, knowing too well he would rise to the occasion. But more than anything, it was her way of saying that we do not always have to do it alone. In short, this design celebrates growth, collaboration, and creativity. It is the designer's hope that The Eye-catcher inspires you to go out and achieve your dreams.

 Written by Angela Dedeng Skaggs


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  • Angela

    Awesome, colleen! I love what you did at the top! Now, please bring on the yoga pants! :)

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