About Us

 Founder, CEO, and Creative Director Colleen Jones started Eloah Apparel & Designs with the hope of inspiring fashionistas to refashion a difficult situation into a rewarding journey.

 Eloah — which translates to Goddess in Hebrew — is both symbolic of the designer’s mother and a beacon of hope in the midst of the turmoil of addiction. The designer grew up in a family, community, and a mother struggling with opioid addiction. As she began her own healing journey, the designer found refuge in creating art. Each piece created tells a story inspired by people, places, and emotions. Through the designs and the stories behind them, the artist seeks to connect with the emotions, desires, and aspirations of each customer. Each design is a part of the artist’s healing journey, and through each story, the designer hopes to encourage others to heal.

 The business model is based on a slim budget. We produce high-quality, visually stimulating lifestyle apparel and home decor. We reduce overproduction and fashion waste by producing products on demand and ordering small quantities of inventory. We launch seasonal collections and the stories behind the designs quarterly, and each design comes in different colorways.

 The mission of Eloah  is to support the healing process of others by giving back. A portion of each item sold is donated to Solutions Over Sickness , a nonprofit that provides funding and treatment programs to the individuals and families impacted by addiction. Our goal is to set up a scholarship program and create fundraisers in the community to aid the individuals impacted by addiction and their families.