Inspired by Perseverance 

Dedicated to my Husband 

Dedication, intimacy and inspiration proved to be the spark that ignited Mitosboo. At first glance this design may be easily recognizable by a chemist, many others will admire the designs originality and incite their curiosity. In fact, preserved within the chemical structure is a testament of perseverance by an individual who overcame hardship to achieve their goals and now lends a helping hand to those in need. Specifically in treating cancer and other diseases through the development of medicine.

Equally important, this individual solidifies themselves as a role model supporting others towards the realization of their own value. Touching the hearts and stirring the minds of the people around them. Mitosboo is the artist's way of showing gratitude to those who never gave up despite all odds and illustrates similar bravery in its creation.

Forever grateful to my Mito, 

Love your Boo

Written by Shane Matheson

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