Gen Y2Z

Gen Y2Z


                                             Generation Y2Z


Inspired by: “For What It’s Worth”, by Buffalo Springfield 

Dedicated to the generation y2z

            Music is the seed that sprouted into the abstract design titled Generation Y2Z. Namely, the familiar hit song “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. After listening to the song on repeat with her son the designer became captivated with its message and questioned the true origin and meaning behind the lyrics.

Originally inspired by the 1966 Sunset Strip Curfew Riots. Where younger people clashed with police over cultural differences, infringements on civil rights and issues relating to disturbances in West Hollywood. After researching this the designer felt compelled to reach out to younger individuals who formerly worked for her. Sending positivity and encouragement their way and lending herself as a resource as someone to talk to without judgment.

Shortly after, the George Floyd protests broke out as public outrage over police brutality and systemic racism echoed all over the world. The creation of Generation Y2Z became instrumental in channeling negative feelings of anger and despair into a tangible means of expression to cope with the troubling times. A profound energetic design dedicated to those of past, future and present generations who take a stand against injustice.



Written By: Shane Matheson


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