Inspired by the elements, designed for you.

 Dedicated to: No doubt - Papa said “WE GOT THIS!”

 Doubt is a normal aspect of the human psyche that can cause a negative disruption inside ourselves.  As people, we experience moments of self-doubt which make us question who we are and where we are going with our lives.  

 We all feel vulnerable at times. In those fragile moments, we require clarity and encouragement from others to help restore our depleted confidence. 

 When doubt took over, the designer called a trusted source for this vital support.  He listened to her overwhelmed feelings and said with reassurance - “you got this”. 

The designer began at the bottom, her canvas and emotions one in the same.  The twisting and turning of emotions is represented in the crisscrossing and overlapping of strokes. Directions went other than up, but the end result and final destination were just that - up. While rebuilding her sense of self-worth, the designer remembered the fundamental belief which doubt tried to defeat: “I got this”. 

Written by:  Alexandra Beaudry

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