Lady Love

Lady Love


Inspired by: the soul 

Dedicated to: the inner Child 


 Lady Love gives life to the inner child that resides within our soul. This design is at the heart of the designer's artistic expression and embodies her “Why”, which drives the creation and meaning behind her designs. Dreaming to inspire other fashionistas, Eloah is a beacon of hope that exemplifies the ability to refashion a difficult situation into a rewarding journey. 

 Eloah Apparel & Designs was originally created as a means to aid the designer through troubling times and family challenges. In particular, dealing with the endeavor of supporting her mother while confronting her mothers addiction to Opioids. As addiction takes root, the soul of the addict is crippled, their actions and behavior become unrecognizable to those around them. This creates emotional agony, not only in the addict, but in those who care about them and are invested in their happiness. The designer experienced this kind of torment first hand with a heartfelt crusade over her mothers struggle and sought out the process towards healing. In addition, her journey and personal experience fueled an inner desire to help others in despair.

With this in mind, her creative escape became the foundation to give back to those who deal with the pain and grief of loving someone who is an addict. Guided by emotion and purpose, Lady Love was born and Eloah Apparel & Designs was set in motion. Dedicated to the love she has for her mother in spite of the hardship; Eloah translates to Goddess in Hebrew.  




  • Dianna Klein

    Such an inspiring story behind beautiful designs! Very much looking forward to seeing what’s next for Eloah Apparel!

  • Kito

    Great design on the mask!

  • Wendy

    Amazing design and quality for a great cause. Everywhere I go everyone asks about my shirt. I love it.

  • Stacey Musgrave

    Such a beautiful soul! So glad your finding your way through these beautiful designs to get you through one of life’s most painful misunderstood issues. Making something so horrible into something so beautiful now that’s brilliant!!!
    Much love to you girl!!!

  • Wendy Guthro

    Amazing that such beautiful designs are the result of a long walk through fire. Thanks for donating to fund a solution to the Opioid epidemic that has negatively impacted everyone’s life in some way. Sending you good vibes for your best life possible.

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